Have you been wronged by someone in the church family or by a leader?

Are you struggling with decisions being made for the church?

Do you find that you distrust some of those placed in leadership positions?

Let us help!

A neutral reconciliation team has been formed and is here to help you find peace and reconciliation. Share your stories, concerns, and questions in a safe environment.

Complete this form by clicking here and someone from the team will contact you soon. You may also contact one of the team members to inquire about meeting (call the church office if you need contact information).

What to expect:

  • Complete the form.
  • Meet with the team and share your story.
  • The team will meet separately with the other party to hear their story.
  • Team will meet with you again to share suggested solutions or direction.
  • If needed, a meeting may be set between both parties for reconciliation.
  • Team will submit proposed ideas and solutions to the elders for any issues deemed preferences or that deals with philosophy of ministry.
  • There will be an appeal for outside help if it is needed at anytime.
Reconciliation Team: Josh Gerber, Kris and Amanda Mettelmann, Darin and Jane Hoffmire, and Connie Johnson