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Biblical Counseling Ministries (BCM) exists to strengthen the discipleship ministry of the church through biblical counseling. BCM serves the local church by mentoring and consulting. It is not the role to be the counselor on staff but to help build a culture of being a church of biblical counselors.

Biblical counseling is really just intensive discipleship which is done by rightly handling the Word of Truth by the power of the Holy Spirit in a private setting. In other words, obeying and practicing the “one-another” commands we have been given by God.

The Bible is sufficient to address all of our problems in life, and best done in the context of the local church. BCM is motivated to bring “soul care” back to the church. BCM comes alongside the leaders and lay people called to minister in a formal counseling setting. This typically involves being the lead counselor in the beginning stages and inviting people interested in the ministry to be on Care Teams to learn firsthand what it looks like to be a counselor.

BCM also walks closely with those involved in ministering by coaching and helping them pursue certification from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors “ACBC”. BCM also, on occasion, engages with church elders in a capacity as a mediator among leaders, and also facilitates strategic planning retreats.

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A few facts:
  • Mike owned a financial planning business for 25+ years before going back to school to become certified through ACBC and be trained at Masters University with a Masters of Biblical Counseling degree and follow his calling in full-time vocational ministry.
  • BCM serves a handful of like-minded churches in the region.
  • BCM is a not-for-profit organization and has a board made up of mostly the senior pastors from the churches it serves.
  • Mike started his formal counseling ministry experience in the church as an intern on staff at New Castle Bible Church.
  • Mike was a counselee for almost 10 years at a local Christian Psychological Counseling firm and has developed an understanding and conviction around the important differences between psychological and biblical counseling.
  • Cara was a widow of almost 15 years before, in His divine providence and grace, brought Mike and Cara together in marriage.

What does your average day entail?

BCM divides its time ministering at the various churches it serves during the week, Monday-Saturday. Mike usually spends some time in the counseling room, along with Care Teams, ministering to counselees. The time spent as a Care Team right after the counselee leaves is an important training time as we process together and discuss some of the behind-the-scenes of being a lead counselor.

Another important equipping aspect on a regular basis are the Biblical Counseling Gatherings of people active in the ministry. During these times there is usually a teaching time and testimony time from a recent counselee. This fellowship time is of great encouragement to all of us to grow and serve together.

Each February, we encourage everyone involved in the biblical counseling ministry and those interested in learning more, to attend the Biblcial Counseling Training Conference at Faith Church in Lafayette Indiana. This one-week training conference is foundational training BCM encourages and facilitates each year, and also counts towards ACBC certification hours. One of my favorite times during the week is when I get to see counselees report to the pastor/elder overseeing the ministry what God is doing in their lives and they can witness the clear life change that only God can do. It is faith building to all.

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What do you love most about your ministry?

By far for me the thing I love most about the counseling ministry is watching God change hearts miraculously of hurting people while sitting in the front row. It is humbling and God glorifying, and it seems often God raises up some of the best and most gifted and passionate future counselors with people that were first sitting in the counselee seat. I also find much joy in helping pastors being freed up to spend more time studying and preaching the Word publically. The apostle Paul talked about ministering the Word both publically and privately, yet the private form can be very time consuming and emotionally draining, so I enjoy being part of helping gifted preachers be able to fulfill their calling to teach and preach.

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