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Connie and I have served in Ecuador for around 40 years. In 1993 we joined a small mission called Impact Ministries out of San Antonio. To date, Impact Ministries has 8 missionaries. In 2008, Impact asked us to transition to the states to begin a ministry in Honduras. During our time in Ecuador, we developed Ecuadorian leadership so that if we ever had to leave Ecuador, our ministries would continue under Ecuadorian leadership. We have been so encouraged to see how they have taken the baton from us and how God continues to bless the ministries.

In Ecuador, Connie was involved in Camp Hope, an organization that helps poor, disabled, orphaned Ecuadorian children. An orphanage was built which houses 18 children. Loving care and therapy is given to these precious children that are considered a curse from God in Ecuador. So not only are the 18 disabled orphans cared for, but families who have severely challenged children come to Camp Hope for help. Connie is not on the board anymore but is involved in raising funds for projects and sponsorship. She is the representative for Camp Hope in the states. Added to this responsibility, her mission field are her seven grandchildren, investing in their lives while Al travels to Honduras and Ecuador.

Al is and has been involved in taking medical/dental caravans into areas of Ecuador and now into Honduras using medicine as a tool to get the gospel to the poor and lost in those countries. Al continues to take three medical teams into Honduras and one to Ecuador a year. This entails raising funds for each trip, looking for volunteers to join him and purchasing the medicines to cover the 800 poor people's medical and dental needs who crowd us for help.

A few facts:
  • During our time in Ecuador, Al worked with a Quechua Indian pastor/evangelist/missionary helping him reach his people on the Napo River, the largest river in Ecuador.
  • We opened up nine communities to the gospel among the low land Quechuas.
  • In 2013, God granted us the privilege to open a ministry among the Waorani Indians, a semi-civilized tribe on the Nushini river. You may recall these were the Indians that killed five missionaries back in 1957. You can only get into these communities by invitation of the local chief. Long story short we have opened three communities to the gospel and the Indians have built a church in the first community.

What does your average day entail:

As you can see from the description above, there is no average day in our ministry.

What do you love about your ministry:

What we love about our ministry is the Latin American people. To share Christ's love to the poor, underprivileged children and to the poor, hurting people who don't have access to medical or dental help is so rewarding. To have a small part of building God's Kingdom in those poor countries is our passion.

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