The New Castle Bible church Counseling Center welcomes anyone, both in our church and the greater community that is hurting and experiencing life problems that are consuming and seemingly stuck. Maybe this is the first time pursuing help or possibly having tried other approaches to counseling but losing hope and not helping. To uphold biblical teaching regarding church leadership, we ask permission from counselees who are coming to us from other churches to connect with their church in order to minister under their church elder’s approval, authority, and oversight.


Our approach to counseling is biblical. We believe God’s Holy Word is completely sufficient to address all problems in life and the Spirit provides the wisdom and power to give all that is needed for peace and healing. We acknowledge we are not licensed to practice medicine so we appreciate that counselees need to seek help from their physician for medical matters. We do enjoy, when appropriate and consent is given, discussing openly with the counselee's physician and working together as a team to serve counselees, as some problems are indeed of physical nature.


We center all of our counsel on the Word of God. We also minister in love to the counselee with a Care Team. This consists of a lead counselor, advocates and observers. We see the effectiveness is greatly improved in this community based setting. Advocates are ideally people that already are in close relationship and know the counselee well. Observers are involved, but do not participate in the counseling session other than to pray and watch. We also use the team method as a way to train future lead counselors. All of our lead counselors are either already certified from the Association of Biblical Counselors or are pursuing certification under the supervision of the Director of Biblical Counseling or the Lead Training Counselor. To request biblical counseling, simply complete the form below.

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