New Castle Bible Church has many godly men and women in leadership serving under the authority of the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. Get to know our elders, deacons and staff below.


Scott Gnuse

Pastor Student Ministries

Josh Gerber

Pastor Care & Discipleship

Tysin Smith

Pastor Music & Worship


Overseeing Life Groups, Equipping Classes, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Phase 4 Seniors, Membership, Shape, Resource Center, etc.

Josh Gerber

Team Chairman/ Elder/ Pastor Care & Discipleship

Tysin Smith

Elder-in-Development / Pastor of Music and Worship

Ben Holman

Elder-in-Development/Staff Biblical Counseling Director

Seth Swartzendruber

Elder-in-Development/Staff Outreach & Discipleship Director


Overseeing preaching ministry, all music ministries, audio/video ministry, all church-wide communications (print & online, internal & external), Planning Center Online (ChMS), all Sunday morning ministries:
hospitality/cafe ministries, ushers, security teams, ordinances, etc.

Tysin Smith

Team Chairman/Elder-in-Development/Pastor of Music and Worship

Scott Gnuse

Elder/Pastor Student Ministries

Connie Johnson

Deacon/Staff Communications Director

Gabe Birkey



Overseeing all children’s ministry, including but not limited to: Nursery, Sunday school, Children’s Church, AWANA, VBS, children’s Christmas program, etc.; Overseeing Jr High and Sr High along with all their various ministry activities and outreaches, etc.

Scott Gnuse

Team Chairman/Pastor of Student Ministries/Elder

Josh Gerber

Elder/Pastor Care & Discipleship

Sharon Carey

Deacon/Staff Children's Ministries Director


Kelly Rhoades


Natalie Williams

Staff After School Program Director


Overseeing the outreach of NCBC; missions conferences; shepherding and caring for all Global Outreach (GO) Partners including visitation, development, rest, care, funding, etc.; all evangelism and outreach ministries.

Kyle Krall

Team Chairman/Elder

Seth Swartzendruber

Elder-in-Development/Staff Outreach & Discipleship Director

Justin Smith



Overseeing the church’s vision for leadership development including recruiting and developing new leaders, human resources/personnel decisions, continuing education for staff or interns, coordination of all elder team assignments, and overseeing teachers of the church including shepherding, training, and vetting.

Scott Gnuse

Pastor Student Ministries / Elder

Rob Huschen


Lisa Willmert

Deacon/Staff Office Manager


Overseeing the grounds and facilities, budgets and finances, building usage policies and practices, operational and campus planning priorities and strategies, etc.

Mike Rassi

Team Chairman/Elder

Lisa Willmert

Deacon/Staff Office Manager

Harry Willmert


Tom Goehl



Support staff provide various specialized services to support New Castle Bible Church.

Jamar Williams

Pastoral Intern

Lori Faughn

Administrative Assistant

Jackie Thompson

Administrative Assistant

Ann Knobeloch

Care & Discipleship Administrative Assistant

Carrie Knott

Children & Student Admin. Asst.

Calan Munao

Communications Administrative Assistant

IMG_5791 copy

Nathan Otto



Denise Ellis

Goodfield Custodian


Marina Abdulkerimova

Main Building Custodian


Jeff Hill

Intersection Building Custodian

Daniel Opperman

Maintenance Assistant

Dillon Opperman

Maintenance Assistant


Cayden Steinlage

Maintenance Assistant

Two Church Leadership Offices: Elders and Deacons

Philippians 1:1, 1 Timothy 3:1-13

An elder is a recognized, God-called servant-leader in Jesus’ church, equipped with the head, heart, hands, and home of a spiritual shepherd, who serves alongside other elders in the church.

A deacon is a recognized, God-called ministry leader in Jesus’ church, equipped with the head, heart, hands, and home of a spiritual servant, who serves alongside other deacons and under the spiritual leadership of the elders in the church.

The primary spiritual leaders of a local church are the elders, who are also called overseers or pastors in the New Testament. Elders shepherd the flock through the ministry of God’s Word and prayer (Acts 6:4, c.f. Eph. 4:11; 1 Tim. 3:1-7, 5:17; Titus 1:9; Heb. 13:17). Deacons also have a crucial role in the life and health of the local church, but their role is different from the elders’.

The biblical role of the deacons is to act as the elders’ agents to lead and administrate the church’s ministries according to the elders’ direction. Therefore, the scope and kind of deacon ministry is as varied as could be assigned by the elders. Because both elders and deacons are spiritual leaders in the church, they both possess leadership giftings and seek to equip and serve the saints for ministry. So truly the work of a biblical deacon is not limited to custodial service and facilities!

Scripture reveals some real distinctions between elders and deacons: elders are only male (1 Tim. 2:12-3:7; c.f. 1 Cor. 14:34), while deacons may be male or female (1 Tim. 3:11; Rom. 16:1). The elder’s
appointment transcends culture and is permanent, while a deacon’s appointment may be culturally-specific and temporary. According to Acts 6:4, elders focus primarily on spiritual priorities, while deacons may focus on both spiritual and physical leadership priorities within the church. Elders must be gifted to teach according to 1 Tim. 3:2, while deacons may or may not be gifted to teach.

For Further Study

The following two sermons will help you learn more about God’s design for elders and deacons.

Heart Qualities Essential for the Elder & Deacon

  1. Irreproachable character; unquestionable integrity, impeccable in reputation.
  2. Faithful to his own wife; a one-woman man.
  3. Leading his own family well, having children who believe, who are under control and who respect him.
  4. Not likely to be accused of reckless living or of lawbreaking.
  5. Not self-willed, overbearing, or stubborn.
  6. Not quick-tempered or quarrelsome.
  7. Not given to wine.
  8. Gentle; not a physically violent man.
  9. Not a lover of money; not fond of dishonest gain.
  10. Hospitable; opening his house freely to guests.
  11. A lover of goodness.
  12. Sensible; using good judgement.
  13. Just and holy.
  14. Self-controlled, temperate.
  15. Able to encourage and exhort with sound doctrine.
  16. Able to refute error in doctrine.
  17. Disciplined in life.
  18. Not a recent convert.
  19. Good reputation among unbelievers.
  1. Worthy of respect.
  2. Trustworthy in word; sincere in their speech.
  3. Not given to excessive drinking.
  4. Not greedy; not fond of dishonest gain.
  5. Clear conscience and tight grip on the truths of the faith.
  6. Tested and approved.
  7. Faithful to spouse; marital faithfulness.
  8. Leading his/her children and family well.

I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of His chosen angels, to maintain these principles without bias, doing nothing in a spirit of partiality. Do not lay hands upon any one too hastily and thus share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself free from sin.

1 Timothy 5:21, 22