Our Address

17931 Dee Mac Road
Mackinaw IL, 61755
Phone:  309-447-6486
Fax:  309-447-6300

  1. Head east on US-150 E/E Jackson St.
  2. Continue to follow US-150 east approximately 6 miles.
  3. Turn right (south) onto Dee-Mac Rd.
  4. The church building will be on your right side in approximatley 2.5 miles.
  1. Head west on US-150 W/W Peoria St.
  2. In approximately 3 miles, turn left at the stop sign.
  3. Continue on US-150 west for approximately 1.5 miles.
  4. Turn left (south) onto Dee-Mac Rd.
  5. The church building will be on your right side in approximately 2.5 miles.
  1. Head north on Dee-Mac Road approximately 3 miles.
  2. The church building will be on your left hand side of the road.

Our Campus

Main Building

The main church building may be entered from the north of south. The north entrance provides quick access to the Family Center where worship takes place each Sunday. The main building houses the children's classrooms, Chapel, Resource Center, and the church and staff offices.

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The Intersection

The Intersection building sits to the west of our main church building.  This multi-purpose facility sees all types of activity.  The primary use is student ministries: jr. high, high school & college & young adults. It is also used for many other activities and groups including some of our Life Groups, Senior's Over Sixty participants, and local community groups.

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Areas of Interest

Intersection Cafe

Free coffee is available each Sunday in the Fireside Commons and in the Cafe. However, if you are hoping for something special, consider purchasing a latte or chiller at the Intersection Cafe. Muffins, candy, and other snacks are also available for purchase.

The Intersection Cafe is open:

  • Sundays 9:00-10:45am
  • Wednesdays (September through April) 6:30-8:00pm

Resource Center

Our Resource Center is located in the Fireside Commons. You’ll find exceptional reading material on key topics that impact your faith journey, resources that correlate with the current sermon series, and pamphlets that target a wide range of topics. All of the materials are authored by trusted men and women who write with the goal of leading the reader back to the source of all wisdom and direction – the God-breathed scriptures.

Mother's Lounge

We are privileged to welcome moms with babies to our dedicated Mother's Lounge, located just inside the nursery doors to the right!

This cozy, nurturing space is designed with moms and their little ones in mind. Whether you need a quiet moment to nurse, change a diaper, or simply take a breather, our Mother's Lounge is here for you.