Equipping Classes

Equipping Classes

We desire that men and women of every age and every stage of faith feel equipped with the tools they need to understand biblical truth, serve with joy, and share their faith with confidence.

Equipping Classes are offered every Sunday during the 9:30 hour and are completed in approximately 12 weeks. Classes will focus on specific areas of Christian theology, church membership, and spiritual growth. Participants enjoy rich teaching from skilled teachers while connecting with others through discussion and shared study.

All those who complete all of the Equipping Courses in this foundation series will be celebrated at a special graduation dinner at the end of the series.

We encourage you to check the current list of Equipping Classes. Get to know God better as you learn from His Word.

Equipping classes are 12 week classes (or approximate) that focus on specific areas of Christian theology, church membership, and spiritual growth during the 9:30 hour. The aim is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-16).

The Foundations 100 classes include:

  • Christian Theology 1,2, and 3: These classes cover basic Christian theology from the doctrine of the Bible all the way to the doctrine of last things.
  • How to Read the Bible
  • Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting, Prayer, etc.
  • Christian Apologetics: How to defend the faith.
  • Introduction to Biblical One-Anothering
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Life in the Father's House: How to function in the church as a member.

These 9 classes help provide a comprehensive (not exhaustive) basis for what a believer should know. After completing these 9 classes, a Foundations 200 series will be offered.

Note: Class names may differ from the above but cover the same material. 

Descriptions of the current classes are listed below and are also available at the Welcome Desk in the North Commons.

April 14 - July 14
God, Creation, and the Bible (Theology 1)
Tysin Smith and Troy Teater
Would you like to learn more about God, creation, and what Christians believe about the Bible?  This class will help you understand God, his Word, and how the world was formed in greater depth.

Biblical One-Anothering
Josh Gerber and Scott O'Neill
The Bible is filled with one-another commands. These one-another's bring peace and a culture of care to our church. This class will cover 12 of the one-another's, and provide practical ways to live them out in your life and relationships. Forgiving, serving, and showing hospitality are just a few of the one-another's that we will discuss.

Women's Class: The Parables of Jesus
Women's Bible Study Teaching Team

Ladies, are you looking for an opportunity to connect with other women while studying the Word? This class will provide a wonderful opportunity to deepen relationships while discussing the parables of Jesus.

Young Adults: James (Part 2)
Seth Swartzendruber
This class will continue in their study of the book of James together and is designed for those 18-30.

Classes for High School, Junior High, children and nursery are available during this 9:30 hour.