Castle Kids Nursery

Castle Kids Nursery

Children from birth to age three will find a warm and welcoming environment in our nursery areas. You can place the care of your child in the hands of our dedicated team knowing your little one will be safe, loved, and comfortable.

Nursery care is provided during Sunday worship services, Wednesday evenings, and most events. Our volunteers have been trained according to our KidSafe child protection policy which includes background checks.

For your child's safety and security, we ask that you check-in all of your children for Sunday morning ministries. Learn more by clicking here.

Learn more about the goals, mission, and policies of all our ministries for children by reading the Children's Ministry Handbook below.

Infants and Crawler Room

From the first time your child enters the nursery, our desire is to nurture a love for being in God’s house. A baby-friendly environment with a place to nap, a changing room, and toys designed for little hands and active minds make our Infant Room the perfect place to begin getting acquainted with church.

Toddler Room

Once infants begin walking, they will transition to the Toddler Room where they will enjoy interacting with others as they play. Smiling faces become familiar friends as children are given careful attention by our child care team. Toys and equipment designed for this active age provide a fun place for your child to move, explore, and develop a love for being at church.

Mother's Lounge

We are privileged to welcome moms with babies to our dedicated Mother's Lounge, located just inside the nursery doors to the right! This cozy, nurturing space is designed with moms and their little ones in mind. Whether you need a quiet moment to nurse, change a diaper, or simply take a breather, our Mother's Lounge is here for you.

First Time Visitors

We ask that you fill out a registration card. This helps us get to know you and your child.

Checking In

A nursery volunteer will meet you at the welcome counter. They will ask for any special instructions, sign you in, and place the diaper bag, coat, or any other items in the designated area.


The safety and security of your child is of primary concern to us. Your child will be given a name tag with a personalized number, and you will be given a parent name tag to match. You, or the person you assign, to pick up the child, must bring this tag in order for us to release the child. As a courtesy to our volunteers, you are asked to pick up your child immediately following the worship service or other event.

What to Bring

Please include any items (diapers, bottle, blanket, favorite toy, etc.) in your child’s bag and mark them with your child’s first and last name.


We only serve water and cheerios in the nursery. Please inform us of any food allergies your child may have. We can also add an allergy alert to your child's name tag.